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What Our Customers Say About Our Garage Door Services

Chad Ware
Chad Ware
Five-star service for sure! They handled my garage door replacement with precision and care. It looks fantastic and works perfectly.
Paul Hays
Paul Hays
I had my springs replaced by this company, and I'm extremely satisfied. The technician arrived on time, was knowledgeable, and the pricing was fair.
Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner
Outstanding service! They quickly fixed my off-track garage door, and now it operates smoothly. Very professional and efficient.
Said Fawzi
Said Fawzi
I love that this company is local and they come to me! I got my garage door fixed and they even gave me a great deal on it. I am grateful that I found this company and I will recommend them to all of my friends and family.
Ribeiro Lenira
Ribeiro Lenira
I am so glad I found Elite Garage Door Repair. I called them on a whim and they came out to my place and fixed my garage door. My door has been working great ever since. I love that they are here for me to help me with any issues I might have with my garage door. They are reliable and professional, which is exactly what I need when I'm on a budget.
Brian Clark
Brian Clark
Another Happy Customer. I have used Kurt’s service before at our previous home. Well we moved and this house had its original door from 1956 finally give out. Kurt came over and did a temporary fix to where we could use it until the new door came in. Wouldn’t use anyone else. Don’t waste your time going to the big name company’s. Use this local company and save yourself some money because I can promise you’ll be happy with his service.
Rocky Rude
Rocky Rude
My brother backed into our garage door leaving my car trapped inside the garage. I called Elite Garage Door Repair and they were able to work me in that day!

Elite Garage Door Repair Offers FREE, No Hassle, On-Site Estimates To Our St. Louis Customers

When a garage door won’t go up, it’s a hassle. You can’t leave your car in the garage overnight, you can’t park your car or truck in it. You can’t store your equipment there. You can’t park your motorcycle or bicycle inside. You also can’t park your car out front because of the garage door. It’s not safe and it’s an inconvenience.

Fortunately, there is a solution! Elite Garage Door Repair St. Louis is a leading garage door supplier offering free, no-hassle on-site estimates to homeowners and businesses throughout the St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri areas.

We want to be your garage door supplier and we’re more than happy to provide you with a quote to find out how we can help you!

Message us on Google My Business, and mention the coupon code “EliteFreeEstimate” or call us and mention the code, then set up a time for your Estimate at your Home or Business in St. Louis, MO!!

Valid February 18, 2021 – April 13, 2022 

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Why Choose Us For Garage Door Repair?

That’s a fair question, there’s a lot of companies out there when it comes to Garage door repair and installation,
So why choose Elite Garage Door Repair?

Licensed & Insured

Our Garage Door Technicians are fully Insured and Licensed in the state of Missouri and we do full background checks on all employees. License# GA00177658

Opening Hours

We are open Monday - Sunday: 8:00AM to 8:00PM. We are a locally owned company, ready to help our community with any garage door needs they may have.

Same-Day Services

Call us now for Same-Day Garage Door Services. We can be on-site at your garage in about 30 minutes in most cases.

Garage Door Repair Services

The door in your garage is probably one of the most important ones in your home because it protects your home, but it also keeps your vehicle safe.

Thus, finding the right professional Garage Door Supplier in St. Louis to offer you door service alternatives that work might be hard sometimes, especially if you’re in St Louis. Read on, and find out more about us, and how we can help you change everything! Here is a list of some of our most requested repairs:  

  • St Louis
  • St Louis County
  • Maryland heights
  • Clayton
  • Ladue
  • Frontenac
  • Des Peres
  • Creve Coeur
  • University City
  • Brentwood
  • Richmond Heights
  • Webster groves
  • Kirkwood
  • Manchester
  • Chesterfield
  • Ballwin
  • Town and country
  • Bellerive
  • Ellisville
  • Wildwood
  • Olivette
  • Maplewood
  • Crestwood
  • Vally park
  • Melville
  • Overland
  • St Ann
  • Bridgeton

Installation Of Garage Doors

If you live in St Louis, MO, your home is probably beautiful and safe. However, there are always ways to enhance your space and ensure that all your loved ones are secure while they’re inside.

Garage Doors can completely change your home, even though they may not seem like much at first. Our Garage Door Installation Services are fast, effective, and only a phone call away.

The Saint Louis area is very populated, and talking to some people might make you scared, especially if they paid for a Professional Service To Get Their Garage Doors Installed. Unfortunately, in many cases, customers say the technician arrived late or took too long to get there.

However, our Family-Owned Overhead Door Company is completely different. We offer customized solutions for your issues, and as a Locally-Owned Overhead Door Corporation, our certified technicians can do a great job as soon as you call us.

New garage doors are tricky to install, but with our same-day service, you can get your door installed the very same Thursday morning you call us!  

All Work Is Insured
Premium Quality Parts
Same Day Service
Family Owned
12 Month Warranty

Garage Door Repair FAQ

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about our Garage Door Systems and Garage Door Repair Services. 

Having a Garage is very convenient if you have cars, but it’s also a great idea due to many more reasons. You could, for example, use it as storage space, and that can be much easier if you have garage door openers.

Some people ask for garage door installation or garage door services without understanding what they entail. You may simply want Seals, a Keyless Entry, or repair your structure to make your house or business look better.

Even so, when you’re talking to Top Garage Door Service Experts, you might quickly learn that things are not that easy, even if your Garage Door Broke and needs repair.

A Garage Door Opener is one of the best things you could acquire since New Garage Doors can be extremely useful if you can open and close them whenever you want. Learn more about Garage Door Opener Replacement. 

Fortunately, for a reasonable price, Garage Door Experts can explain everything about the process, and tell you why an Opener might work for your Overhead Doors, Commercial Doors, and much more.    

In many cases, finding a St. Louis Garage Door Repair service is hard, especially if you’re looking to get the best value for your money.

At the same time, some people wrongly believe that an Overhead Door is easy to repair, or that a new garage door is simple to install, which also happens with Openers. The truth is that finding quality parts is complicated, so contacting the right door company is vital if you want to ensure your repairs are well done.

Elite Garage Door Repair ensures five stars in all the services, including the Handling and Installation Of Your Door Openers. We understand that the St Louis area and surrounding communities offer different Garage Door Repair Services, but we want to give you a different experience.

On the one hand, we can help you with your Residential Garage Doors, or the ones you need for your business. There are many companies in St Louis, so you might be looking for top-quality service.

Additionally, our Garage Door Repair Services are unique since we can help you if you pay a fair price and trust our experts.

Lastly, we are not only Experts in Door Repair and similar services, but also care a lot about what you think. We understand that your opinion is important, so we want to give you everything: fantastic experts, a full line of openers for you to use, and much more.   

We understand that not everyone can pay to install an outside keypad or to get a planned maintenance program. Sometimes you just need to Fix A Broken Spring, and if you’re in West County, Valley Park, or the Greater St Louis Area, finding service trucks that work for a good door company might be hard.

If you have a low budget, garage door repair might be the best solution for your overhead door, or your garage door system. Luckily, when you hire the right experts, that’s not a problem at all.

Professional teams can install a new garage door, but they can also offer you several garage door repair options.

Our great company is available for anyone in the St Louis area, and our experts can take a look at your garage doors and suggest the best options depending on your budget. You never have to feel unsafe anymore! Trust us, and leave all the repairs in our hands!   

It might mean a couple of things;
1. Your security sensors are unaligned.
2.  There’s something in the way of your garage door railings.
3. Your garage door opener motherboard is fried.
Usually we would recommend testing the security sensors before heading out to make sure you don’t pay for services you can do on your own and if that doesn’t work we’ll get our garage door repairman on his way to you in no time.

St Louis Has Several Options

If you want an Overhead Door Installation, a Repair Service, or anything else related to Garage Door Maintenance In St Louis, MO, you might be confused at first because there are different companies you could hire.

Even though all the St Louis Garage Door Repair Companies offer similar service options, that doesn’t mean you might get the same experience.

Therefore, when you’re evaluating which Garage Door Company to go for, make sure you not only hire a great St Louis service – try to guarantee that its experts (like us at Elite Garage Door Repair!) can listen to your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions.  

Garage Doors Protect Your Vehicle

If there's snow or rain and you don't have a garage door, it might come into your house or completely cover your vehicle. Moreover, when you leave your car unprotected from the sun, its paint can fade. When it has plastic pieces, they can quickly become vulnerable or start having issues. The battery can also die quickly, especially if the vehicle is in low temperatures.

A Garage Door Can Embellish Your Home

Last but not least, St Louis, MO is a very beautiful place to live, especially if you love making your home look fantastic. The design many garage doors have is an incredible way to change your surroundings, even if you need to do some repairs to make it work. Consequently, finding the best St Louis garage door repair company might be just what you need to feel better with your home, and lift your spirits. Each time you get up in the morning, you might drink a cup of coffee and think your surroundings are breathtaking!

St Louis Garage Door Repair Can Help You

Unfortunately, there are burglars in the St Louis area. Therefore, having garage doors is a great strategy to keep your home safe. In some instances, you may have garage doors but they either need repairs or maintenance. Regardless of the case, you need to hire top professionals to help you.

Need Help?

If You're Not Sure How to Get Started...

In many cases, you might not even know how to get started in St Louis, especially if you’ve never hired Garage Door Professionals before.

When you’re going through all your Garage Door Professional Options In St Louis, you should try to identify the companies that offer top prices, incredible value for your money, and different alternatives for the services you want.

Many people believe a Garage Door is not important, but the truth is that you may have a lot of issues if it’s broken. Furthermore, not having an Overhead Door or a Garage Door is even worse because it means you’re completely unprotected from the weather, burglars, and many other dangers.

Therefore, you should never hesitate – Elite Garage Door Repair works in St Louis, and we can offer you different Garage Door Professionals to help you with various service options, such as installation, maintenance, repair, and much more.

Once you scan the St Louis Area, you might notice that finding a Good Garage Door Business to install your overhead door is not that easy, and that locating the right experts to repair it might be even harder.

Now that you found us, you don’t have to wait any longer! Contact us as soon as you can – we can help you with your Garage Door Necessities and make your life simpler!